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Biometric Canteen System

The options available for the biometric canteen system are:

Prepaid: Money is loaded into an employee’s account at the beginning of the month or any period of time specified by client. This account will be debited anytime the employee visits the canteen and uses his/her card. A receipt is printed if this process is successful.

Postpaid: A Stored value in an employee’s account is incremented every time the employee uses his/her card. This could either be the actual value of the food or just a number to record how many times the canteen has been used over a specified period of time. A receipt is printed if the transaction succeeds.

A biometric verification is required for process to be completed.The system can however be adapted to suit the client's specific needs.

The receipt printer is necessary to serve as evidence that the employee is entitled to a meal on a particular day. This will be presented before food is collected.