Our Products » Student Biometric Identity Cards

The project will involve replacing the current Student ID cards with electronic cards that will contain biometric (fingerprint) data and some other personal data encrypted and stored on the cards.These cards are of the same size and feel as the ordinary PVC type, the only difference being their ability to store data electronically.

The card can then be used for any or all of the following purposes:

  • Access control to grant entry to facilities such as labs, libraries, etc beyond the normal opening hours or within a specified time frame.
  • Centralized Electronic Voting system for student elections. Can be used by all departments, halls and the student representative council (SRC).
  • Library card to uniquely identify students during the process of borrowing or returning books.
  • Cashless payment system (E-Purse). This can be used to pay for shuttle services.
  • Exam card to replace the current examination card/ID card checking system.
  • Hospital card within the school.